Hot Designs Nail Art Pens

The colorful nail polish is an essential part of women’s make-up as well as the use of nails scales and dresses like a nail. These Hot Designs Nail Art Pens will make sure you get the most spectacular nail design. But where there are changes in make-up modes with every changing fashion, it also changes the nail decor and make-up styling. But the style of nails in the past three years has changed completely. Now women focus on the nail polish over the lipstick. Fashion experts say that the sale of nail polishes has increased more than lip stocks on these days.

1-    Water Melon art on Nails:

In summer season fruits like watermelon, pomegranate and mango are famous. Experts are looking forward to launching new products for women’s make-up as well as the way they use these products. Water Melon Nail art is famous nowadays having green and red color nails with black polka dots on it.

2-    Minions Nail Art:

Since now, Nail Art is on the fashion rise; girls are still looking for some innovation in Nail Art. As Minions are trending on Google so as they are viral on nail art. The base of the nail is polished with yellow color and a blue color shirt is then drawn using suitable nail Art Pen.

3-    Kids Nail Art:

Girls paint their nails with artificial style, as they show their individuality that is why the art is named Nail Art. Children love a lot of colors. Choose delightful deep colors for them. It should be noted that the nail polish does not have harmful chemicals. Use natural ingredients for children to use nail polish.

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